The Fordham Political Review

Founded in 2016, the Fordham Political Review is Fordham’s only student-run undergraduate publication dedicated exclusively to politics, culture, and more. We seek to provide members with a platform to discuss various political topics of concern and voice their opinions on issues they are passionate about, while also fostering respectful and informed discussion of politics across Fordham’s campuses. In an era of political strife andĀ  hyper-partisanship, FPR seeks to publish articles representing a multiplicity of political ideologies, and thus does not align itself with any political ideology.

The Print Edition of the Fordham Political Review is published once a semester, while the Online Edition is updated on a rolling basis. We hold meetings every two weeks while the University is in session. Students must apply during the semesterly application cycle to join our staff.

FPR does not accept unsolicited submissions from students outside our staff list or from outside our university. If you would like to publish an article, please visit this page to learn more about the application process.


The views and content published in theĀ Fordham Political Review do not necessarily reflect or represent those of Fordham University.