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The Fordham Political Review is a collection of ideas from

Fordham University’s top undergraduate thinkers on politics, economics, and society.

The Review is populated by a series of research-oriented reports and and opinion essays highlighting critical global and national issues that are of significant to the Fordham Community that the public at large. We seek to provide a balanced and nuanced forum that explores the complex intersection between economics and politics from the perspective of undergraduate students.

The Review seeks to present a myriad of political perspectives while demanding a foundation upon facts and research. The Review is composed of a highly motivated student body, from a diversity of academic interests, who are devoted to the exploration of and engagement with critical global challenges. As a publication at the Jesuit University of New York, is constantly seeking to “set the world on fire” by fostering political engagement by students and an academic approach to political and economic questions.

As a partner in the Alliance of Collegiate Editors (ACE), the Fordham Political Review cooperates with political, economic, and historical reviews from several of the highest-ranked universities in the nation. Partners include the Columbia Political Review, the Harvard Political Review, and the Stanford Review. This network allows us access to ACE Interviews and submission Forums.