Editorial Board

Sophia Singh

Editor-in-Chief (FCRH ’21)
Sophia is a junior at Fordham University from Wilmington, Delaware. She is pursuing a dual major in English and political science with a minor in history and hopes to attend law school after graduating. She is passionate about many causes including health care expansion, climate justice, and gun reform. Contact Sophia at


Kyle Chin

Managing Content Editor (FCRH ’21)
Kyle is a junior at Fordham University from Malverne, New York, pursuing a double major in political science and history. He hopes to pursue a career in law and is particularly interested in domestic policy, progressive politics, and increasing political polarization. Contact Kyle at


Rina Lokaj

Managing Copy Editor (FCRH ’22)
Rina is a sophomore at Fordham University from Marlboro, NY. She is a political science and journalism double major. She is passionate about gun violence, racism and sexism issues, and immigration. Contact Rina at


Content Editors

Olivia Martinez (FCRH ’20)
Olivia is a senior at Fordham University from Maybrook, New York. She is pursuing a degree in international political economy with minors in business administration and economics. Upon graduation, Olivia will be taking up a year of service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Her interests include international relations and trade policy. Contact Olivia at


Julia Hammond (FCRH ’20)
Julia is a senior at Fordham University pursuing an individualized major in philosophy, politics, and economics with minors in Spanish and history. She is interested in American public policy and law, specifically public education and criminal justice reform. Contact Julia at


Will Longo (FCRH ’22)
Will is sophomore at Fordham University from the Boston area. He is an enivronmental studies major hoping to pursue a career in environmental law. His political interests include climate justice, environmental policy, and sustainability issues. Contact Will at

Copy Editors 

Samantha Zandanel (FCRH ’20)
Samantha is a senior at Fordham University from Washington Township, New Jersey. She is pursuing a journalism degree with a French minor. Her main interest is the intersection of pop culture and politics, as well as local politics and feminism. Contact Samantha at

Henry Wallace (FCRH ’21)
Henry is a junior at Fordham University from St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in Shanghai, China. He is pursuing a major in history with a minor in Arabic. He is concerned with American foreign policy and international relations as well as protest movements across the world. Henry hopes to serve in the Peace Corps after he graduates and pursue a career in international journalism. Contact Henry at

Nikolas Stanovic (FCRH ’22)
Nikolas is a sophomore at Fordham University, from New York City, NY. He is pursuing an Economics major with a double minor in Political Science and Organizational Leadership, in the hopes of pursuing his JD/MBA after graduation. He is passionate about an array of causes which include fiscal conservatism regarding the government’s spending, proactive changes to existing gun laws, providing an affordable college education for all individuals, as well as an overall tax reform. Contact Nikolas at

Julian Navarro (FCRH ’23)
Julian is a freshman at Fordham University from Brooklyn, New York. He is a prospective history major interested in a classical civilizations minor, and his political interests involve prison reform and public housing development. Contact Julian at


Staff Writers

Allyson Ryan (FCRH ’20)
Allyson is a senior at Fordham University from Troy, New York. She is majoring in history and political science and plans to pursue a career in nonprofit work after graduating. Allyson is interested in public policy, climate justice, and urban planning. Contact Allyson at

Kraig Puccia (FCRH ’21)
Kraig is a junior at Fordham University from Queens, New York. He is pursuing a dual major in history and Italian studies with a minor in political science with the hopes of attending law school after graduation and joining the JAG Corps. He is interested in policy reform and serving public interests, particularly for veterans, asylum seekers, and victims of domestic violence. Contact Kraig at

Sophia Maier (FCRH ’23)
Sophia is a freshman from Monroe, New York. She is a history major with a Spanish minor. She is passionate about voting rights, civil rights, and First Amendment protections. Contact Sophia at


Austin Sacker (FCRH ‘20)
Austin is a senior at Fordham University from Portland, Oregon. He is a political science major, planning to attend law school in fall of 2020. As a columnist for the FPR, he is primarily interested in political philosophy, foreign affairs and conservative politics. Contact Austin at

J Elizabeth Mascoli (FCRH ’22)
J Elizabeth is a sophomore at Fordham University, double majoring in political science and history. She is interested in women’s rights on an international level and other social inequality issues. Contact J Elizabeth at

Bahar Ghandehari (FCRH ’23)
Bahar is a freshman at Fordham University, double majoring in political science and international studies. She is passionate about foreign policy and immigration reform. Currently, she is interning for New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres. She is an executive board member for the Advocates for a Palestinian Perspective club and the Director of Partnerships for a non-profit organization called Not My Generation. Contact Bahar at

Emma Lipkind (FCRH ’23)
Emma is a freshman at Fordham University from Holland, Pennsylvania. She is currently pursuing a major in international political economy and a potential minor in journalism. She is passionate about women’s rights, gun reform, sustainability, and international affairs, particularly peacekeeping. Contact Emma at

Faculty Advisor

Professor Nicholas Tampio – Political Science Department, Fordham University

Nicholas Tampio is an Associate Professor of Political Science. He researches the history of political philosophy, contemporary political theory, and education policy. He earned his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and has taught at Fordham University since 2008. He is the author of Common Core (2018), Deleuze’s Political Vision (2015), and Kantian Courage (2012).