Editorial Board

Theodore Schoneman

Teddy Schoneman (FCRH ’20) is an Economics and Philosophy double major on the pre-law track.  He is interested in issues of domestic politics and political philosophy. Contact Theodore at

Anastasia Lacina

Anastasia Lacina (FCRH ’19) is a Political Science and History double major. She is a liberal social activist on and off campus, and is interested in women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate change.  Contact Anastasia at

Truman Stephens
Executive Editor

Truman Stephens (FCRH ’20) is an International Political Economy and Political Science double major. He is interested in campaigns and elections, British politics, and human rights. Contact Truman at

Junior Editors

Michael Rinko
Outreach Manager

Michael Rinko (FGSB ’21) is a Finance major with a Political Science minor. He is from Bedford, New Hampshire and is interested in economics, national security policy and international trade. Contact Michael at

Rosalyn Kutsch

Rosalyn Kutsch (FCRH ’19) is an International Political Economy and Latin American and Latino Studies double major from Montana. She has conducted research on micro-finance and the interaction of social enterprises and indigenous communities in Guatemala and Peru. She is also interested in the role of international institutions in development economics. Contact Rosalyn at

Samantha Zandanel

Samantha Zandanel (FCRH ’20) is a Journalism major with an intended Political Science and French double minor. She is interested in the media’s effect on politics, as well as social justice and activism. Contact Samantha at

Kyle Chin

Kyle Chin (FCRH ’21) is a prospective Political Science major with hopes of pursuing a career in law. He is particularly interested in domestic policy, progressivism, and political polarization. Contact Kyle at

Jack Kiehl

Jack Kiehl (FCRH ’19) is an International Political Economy and French double major with a minor in Economics. He is interested in the intersection of foreign policy and developmental economics. Contact Jack at


Michelle Cisneros

Michelle Cisneros (FCRH ’21) is a Political Science and Theology double major. She is interested in domestic politics, education reform, and immigration policy. Contact Michelle at

Ryan Slattery

Ryan Slattery (FCRH ’20) is a Computer Science and Television double major. He plans on working in broadcast journalism and has interests in constitutional law, political philosophy, and economics. Contact Ryan at

Staff Writers 

Sophia Singh

Sophia Singh (FCRH ’21) is a English and Political Science double major. She plans to attend law school and work in public policy in the future. Contact Sophia at

Michael Fissinger

Michael Fissinger (FCRH ’21) is a Political Science major on the pre-law track. He is interested in domestic policy issues such as immigration, gun control, and education. Contact Michael at

Samantha Butzen

Samantha Butzen (FCRH ’21) is an Economics major. She is interested in international affairs, nuclear policy, and economic development. Contact Samantha at

Allyson Ryan

Allyson Ryan (FCRH ’20) is a History major and Political Science minor. She is from Upstate New York and is interested in social justice, religion and politics, and the environment. Contact Allyson at

Faculty Advisor

Professor Nicholas Tampio – Political Science Department, Fordham University

Nicholas Tampio is an Associate Professor of Political Science. He researches the history of political philosophy, contemporary political theory, and education policy. He earned his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and has taught at Fordham University since 2008. He is the author of Common Core (2018), Deleuze’s Political Vision (2015), and Kantian Courage (2012).