Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief, Matthew J. Santucci

Matthew J. Santucci (FCRH ’18), is a history major with a minor in Italian and serves as editor-in-chief. He is interested in European politics, the progressive movement in the US, and foreign policy. He is a member of Fordham’s Rowing team. Contact Matthew at 

Managing Editor, Marisa Gomez

Marisa Gomez (FCRH ’19) is from San Diego, CA. She is a political science major with a possible double major in English. Contact Marisa at

Executive Editor, Michael Klotz

Michael Klotz (FCRH ’18) is a mathematics major and economics minor on the pre-law track. He was raised in Princeton Junction, New Jersey and currently serves as executive editor for the Fordham Political Review. Contact Michael at 

Copy Chief, Julianna Larwood

Julianna Larwood (GSB ’18) is an accounting major from Apple Valley, MN. While she hopes to become a CPA, she also enjoys writing and is particularly interested in Asian economies and women’s rights issues. Contact Julianna at 

Junior Editors

Rosalyn Kutsch

Rosalyn Kutsch (FCRH ’19) is an international political economy major and Spanish minor in the College Honors Program. On campus Rosalyn competes with Model United Nations; serves as a social justice leader with the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice; and competes on the Women’s Varsity Rowing Team. Rosalyn is from Bozeman, Montana and enjoys hiking, skiing and traveling in her free time. Contact Rosalyn at

Anastasia Lacina

Anastasia Lacina (FCRH ’19) is a political science and history double major, born and raised on City Island in the East Bronx.  She is a liberal and social activist on and off campus, involved in Fordham Women’s Empowerment and the LGBTQ+ Network of Support, as well as national organizations like the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project and GLSEN.

Gabriel Lipker

Gabriel Lipker (FCRH ’18) is a philosophy major and economics minor on the pre-law track. He is from Ashford, Connecticut and is interested in national security policy, international trade, and immigration politics. Contact Gabriel at

Anders Papritz

Anders Papritz (GSB ’18) is a management and finance major. He is particularly interested in the study of the role of business in politics, corporate social responsibility, and organizational change. Anders is the president of the Leadership and Organization Society, co-president of the Gabelli Transfer Integration Team, and a business staff member at the Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal. Contact Anders at

Alec Pollini

Alec Pollini (FCRH ’18) is a philosophy, and if time permits, economics major. He is from Italy but has lived around the world. Alec is also a member of the rowing team. Contact Alec at

Theodore Schoneman

Theodore Schoneman (FCRH ’20) is a prospective economics major on the pre-law track. He participates in debate society and moot court on campus and is particularly interested in domestic policy and political philosophy issues.


Paul Ingrassia

Paul Ingrassia (FCRH ’17) is enrolled in the interdisciplinary mathematics & economics major on a pre-law track. He also hopes to complete a minor in political science. Paul enjoys writing on a number of subjects including presidential politics, American conservatism, and issues pertaining to economics and public policy. Contact Paul at

William Kerwick

Will Kerwick is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance at Fordham University. He is an incoming full-time analyst in J.P. Morgan’s Treasury Services division and has previous experience with Take-Two Interactive Software, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and Bank of America. As a columnist for the Fordham Political Review, he enjoys writing about economics, technology, culture, and foreign affairs.

Greg Wagner

Greg Wagner (FCRH ’18) is studying political science and is interested in both domestic and international policy-making.

Erin Clifford

Erin Clifford (FCLC ‘19) is a political science major at Fordham University Lincoln Center. She is currently working as a Production intern at MSNBC and worked as a political consultant back in Los Angeles. As a columnist for FPR, she enjoys writing about the hybridized relationship between media and politics as well as presidential politics.

Staff Writers 

Madeline Johnson

FCRH ’18) is currently studying the modern political environment, and how English studies are intrinsically linked to the creation and defense of any position. Contact Madeline at

Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy is a junior at Fordham University, studying political science and history. He is also active in Fordham’s theatre community and serves as secretary for the Mimes and Mummers. Declan hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and work in campaign management, drafting platforms for political candidates.

Kevin Tyrrell

Kevin Tyrrell (GSB ’18) is an accounting major from Hingham Massachusetts. He has a strong passion for individual freedom and economic liberty. Contact Kevin at

Digital Editor

Andrea Garcia

Andrea Garcia (FCRH ’19) is double-majoring in political science and communications, intending on a career in media and sports law. She currently serves as the Operations Manager of The Fordham Ram and and as an Operations Intern for the Football Team. On campus, she is also a member of women’s varsity rowing team, the Business of Sports Society and Rose Hill Society. She is currently a political consulting intern at the Advance Group. Contact Andrea at

Senior Editors 

Gabbi D’Amato

Gabbi D’Amato (FCRH ’17) is in Fordham’s pre-law program with a philosophy major and tentative double minor in classics and political science. She is a member of the Rose Hill Society and a resident assistant at Fordham. An executive editor with the Fordham Political Review, Gabbi is interested in American politics and environmental law. She hopes to be a Navy JAG. Contact Gabbi at

Joseph Mattiello

Joseph Mattiello (GSB ’17) is a finance major and economics minor from Oyster Bay, New York. He is the co-founder of the Students for Wounded Veterans organization at Fordham, a United Student Government senator, and will be joining Standard Chartered Bank’s Transaction Banking division in New York upon graduation. He enjoys analyzing political issues as they relate to business and economics. Contact Joseph at

Joe Moresky

Joe Moresky (FCRH ’17) is a political science major from East Meadow, Long Island. He is the executive director of American Homecoming, an issues-based Super PAC dedicated to engaging youth demographics and supporting right-of-center reform initiatives. In the past Moresky has interned for Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, acted as the director of political outreach for the College Republicans and served on USG’s Operations Committee. He has also studied international politics at the University of Westminster. Contact Joe at 

Libby Wetzler

Libby Wetzler (FCRH ’17) comes from Philadelphia, majors in International Studies, and interns at CitySquash. Libby is a United Student Government senator and writes on foreign policy. Contact Libby at

Maylee Sands

Maylee Sands (FCRH ’17) is from San Diego, California and is an economics major. She is a news contributor and editor for Fordham’s Undergraduate Research Journal and is interested in global economic empowerment. Contact Maylee at 


John Vasiliades

John Vasiliades (FCRH ’17) is a political science major and Middle Eastern studies major with a minor in Arabic. As a contributor and editor for the Fordham Political Review, John analyzes U.S. foreign policy. Contact John at

Faculty Advisor

Professor Nicholas Tampio — Political Science Department, Fordham University