Editorial Board

Marisa Gomez

Marisa Gomez (FCRH ’19) is from San Diego, CA. She is a political science major with a possible double major in English. Contact Marisa at

Theodore Schoneman
Managing Editor

Theodore Schoneman (FCRH ’20) is a prospective economics major on the pre-law track. He participates in debate society and moot court on campus and is particularly interested in domestic policy and political philosophy issues.

Truman Stephens
Executive Editor

Truman Stephens (FCRH ’20) is an international political economy and political science double major on the pre-law track. He is from St. Louis, Missouri and is interested in presidential politics, campaigns and elections, and European politics. Contact Truman at

Matthew J. Santucci
Senior Editor

Matthew J. Santucci (FCRH ’18), is a history major with a minor in Italian. He is interested in European politics, the progressive movement in the US, and foreign policy. Contact Matthew at

Alec Pollini
Senior Editor

Alec Pollini (FCRH ’18) is a economics major and philosophy minor. He is from Milan, Italy, and is interested is domestic economic policy. Contact Alec at

Gabriel Lipker
Senior Editor

Gabriel Lipker (FCRH ’18) is a philosophy major and economics minor on the pre-law track. He is from Ashford, Connecticut and is interested in national security policy, international trade, and immigration politics. Contact Gabriel at

Anastasia Lacina
Copy Chief

Anastasia Lacina (FCRH ’19) is a political science and history double major, born and raised on City Island in the East Bronx.  She is a liberal social activist on and off campus, interested in climate change, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the persistence of racism in American society.  Contact Anastasia at

Junior Editors

Rosalyn Kutsch

Rosalyn Kutsch (FCRH ’19) is an international political economy major and Spanish minor in the College Honors Program. On campus Rosalyn competes with Model United Nations; serves as a social justice leader with the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice; and competes on the Women’s Varsity Rowing Team. Rosalyn is from Bozeman, Montana and enjoys hiking, skiing and traveling in her free time. Contact Rosalyn at

Michael Rinko
Outreach Manager

Michael Rinko (FGSB ’21) is a finance major with political science minor. He is from Bedford, New Hampshire and is interested in economics, national security policy and international trade. Contact Michael at

Julianna Larwood

Julianna Larwood (GSB ’18) is an accounting major from Apple Valley, MN. While she hopes to become a CPA, she also enjoys writing and is particularly interested in Asian economies and women’s rights issues. Contact Julianna at 

Chloe Mitchell

Kyle Chin

MacKenzie Stuart

MacKenzie Stuart (FCRH ’18) is an International Political Economy major on a Spanish language track and an English minor. She is from Orange, Connecticut and is interested in European politics and women’s rights.

Samantha Zandanel


Greg Wagner

Greg Wagner (FCRH ’18) is studying political science and is interested in both domestic and international policy-making. 

Jacob Floam

Jacob Floam (FCRH ’20) is a sophomore at Fordham University double majoring in International Political Economy and Philosophy. He is one of the founders of GrowPAC, a pro economic growth federal PAC based in Manhattan. He is involved with the Manhattan Republican party where he has worked on several campaigns as a political operative. He is a resident of Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Godfrey

Jennifer Godfrey (FCRH ’19) is an International Political Science major on the pre-law track. She is a Ram Van driver and a member of Fordham’s all-women’s a cappella group, the Satin Dolls. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering as a tutor for students at a local high school in the Bronx and teaching children at a church in Connecticut. Jennifer is interested in international and domestic politics, human rights, public policy, and global economics. Contact Jennifer at


Staff Writers 

Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy is a senior at Fordham University, studying political science and history. He is also active in Fordham’s theatre community and serves as secretary for the Mimes and Mummers. Declan hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and work in campaign management, drafting platforms for political candidates.

Sophia Singh

Sophie Singh (FCRH ’21) is a dual major in English and political science. She is from Wilmington, Delaware and is interested in domestic social issues, international security, and immigration policy. Contact Sophie at

Michael Fissinger

Michael Fissinger (FCRH ’21) is a political science major on the pre-law track. He is from Los Angeles, California, and is interested in domestic policy such as immigration, healthcare, and racial issues, as well as campaign politics. Contact Mike at

Samantha Butzen

Samantha Butzen (FCRH ‘21) is an international political economy major.  She is from Chicago, Illinois and is interested in international affairs and trade.  Contact Samantha at

Digital Editor

Montgomery Yu

Montgomery Yu (FCRH ’21) is double majoring in computer science and economics. He is from Manila, Philippines, and is interested in issues about economics, international affairs, science, and technology. Contact Montgomery at

Faculty Advisor

Professor Nicholas Tampio — Political Science Department, Fordham University

Nicholas Tampio is Associate Professor of Political Science. He researches the history of political philosophy, contemporary political theory, and education policy. He earned his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and has taught at Fordham University since 2008. He is the author of Common Core (2018), Deleuze’s Political Vision (2015), and Kantian Courage (2012).