Release of Winter 2017 Edition & Editorial Staff Announcement

Today, we are proud to release the 2017 winter edition of the Fordham Political Review. This comes after what was a contentious and polarizing election season. It is our hope that this edition of FPR will foster constructive dialogue both on campus and in our community. Copies can be found in all academic and residential buildings on the Rose Hill campus, as well as in the library at Fordham Lincoln Center. Moreover, we are also happy to announce the editorial staff for the Spring 2017 edition: Editorial Board: Editor-in-Chief: Matthew J.…

Al-Zawahiri releases al-Qaeda 7.0

By Abu Maghas al-Hammami WAZIRISTAN, Pakistan — At this year’s Worldwide Jihadists Conference (WWJC), CEO Ayman Al-Zawahiri released the newest iteration of the world’s most famous terrorist organization. The group is touting the new iDeology 6, giving jihadists even shakier religious justification to pursue violent jihad at home and abroad. Codenamed “Khorasan” during development, the release’s reception has been largely negative.