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The Fourth Estate Under Siege

It is no great secret that the Trump administration has focused significant attention on attacking the news media. Repeatedly and publicly, Trump and his surrogates have critiqued news outlets, kept respected sources out of the…

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Is Trump the New Reagan?

America has always been a nation of narratives. From Manifest Destiny to the American Dream, the stories we tell about ourselves have come to define not simply our culture but our politics as well. Since…

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President Trump’s Economic Resolution

Newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump has a prime opportunity, with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, to be an advocate for the significant economic reforms that our country desperately needs. Since the Great Recession, the economy has…

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The Unknown Peril of the Opioid Crisis

With Election Day receding into the history books and the Thanksgiving turkey, seasoned with a dose of political discourse, fully digested, it is time to put down politics and reason with the issues that the…