In One Weekend, Trump Shows Why He is Unqualified for the Presidency

Some people like the idea of a Trump residency – an outsider, a businessman, a man willing to speak his mind with no concern for political repercussions. Some even argue that he has strengthened democracy by bringing a politically disenfranchised demographic, his “silent majority,” back into the political mainstream.

But while certain people like the idea of Trump, it seems difficult to like Trump the person. While speaking his mind, he riles up crowds with racist undertones, and he grossly debases women. As a political outsider, he fights to create a distrust for the democratic system of government, using unfounded evidence. In flaunting his business success, he idolizes past and present autocrats for their effective use of power. And furthermore, building a wall and cutting a few taxes are his only explicitly defined policy points.

All of these vices once again surfaced this past weekend, making the fall of the businessman-gone-politician never more apparent.

Trump’s tumultuous weekend began Friday when The Washington Post released a video from 2005 revealing Trump’s extreme vulgarity and depravity towards women, thus leaving the GOP leadership in yet another Trump-inspired debacle. Since the Republican National Convention, Republicans have had to walk a fine line trying to distance themselves from the disparaging comments that the business-mogul-gone-politician has issued, while still trying to reaffirm their commitment to maintaining a Republican bastion in Washington.

But now the dizzying, politically contorting tempest should come to an end for Republican lawmakers. Trump had a chance to use the debate this past Sunday as a platform to apologize for his disparaging 2005 remarks and to reaffirm the support of the Republican Party. Yet, Trump failed. He only raised further alarm at the debate.

At the very onset on the debate, Trump was asked whether he had ever acted on his words from 2005: “have you ever done those things,” moderator Anderson Cooper asked. Trump demurred at first and avoided this question two times. It was only after Cooper’s third attempt at clarification that Trump eventually denied acting on his disgraceful words. Instead of denying sexual assault allegations from the beginning, he chose to in-cohesively ramble about bombing the hell out of ISIS.

Trump’s anger and temperament problems then took center stage later in the debate. He began childishly interrupting Secretary Clinton as he did in the first debate, he spoke over the moderators, interrupted them as they pleaded with him to let Clinton finish a sentence, and even argued with them about being treated “unfairly,” stating that the debate was “one on three.” This short CNN video shows who was really acting unfairly throughout the debate.

Finally, Trump’s inconsistency and lack of preparation were perfectly portrayed when he supported an authoritarian leader over his own running mate. The moderators reminded Trump that his running mate, Mike Pence, claimed that a Trump administration would be willing to use force in Syria if Russia continued bombing Syrian civilians. He was then asked if he was willing to take such an aggressive posture against Putin.

Trump responded, “He [Pence] and I haven’t spoken, and I disagree. I disagree.” Aleppo has already fallen to Russia and the Assad regime, according to Trump, and he would take no action to resolve the humanitarian crisis.

Trump stood up against his own running mate, the same man who may have won the support of the entire nation just a week before in the vice presidential debate. At no point could it have been more politically expedient for Trump to stand by Pence’s side, especially concerning a geopolitical catastrophe with such global ramifications.

In just one weekend, Donald Trump yet again proved why he does not have the credentials to become the leader of the free world. Trump lacks common decency, he lacks proper temperament, and he lacks the experience, the intelligence, and the will power to make our country a better place.

Last weekend should mark the ultimate fall of Donald Trump. With his deplorable remarks and his lamentable debate performance, there is no longer any viable arguments that GOP leaders can employ to support a Trump presidency.