Letters from the Roosevelts

President Obama must learn from Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt that the mark of an historic and effective Presidency is to embrace the role of commander-in-chief, especially in terms of the relationship with the media and Congress. With these models guiding his actions, he will be on the right path to a historic presidency and American will have a better chance of being on the right path into the future.

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Occupy Wall Street

There is a nebulous and intangible potential to the Occupy Wall Street movement. More ad-hoc than substance or policy, the movement nonetheless reflects an important, although somewhat misdirected, economic and political critique. Of the cast…

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The American Disconnect in Party Politics

Partisanship is not a new phenomenon in American politics, neither are the things that divide us: Rich/poor, black/white, young/old, red/blue. Yet there is a sense and a fear that these divisions have come to reflect…

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Puerto Rico and Economic Independence

Hindsight is the best economist. It always has the solution for everything. On the 1994 Tequila crisis that started in Mexico: “They should have either managed capital inflows through capital controls, or they should have…

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From Washington to Islamabad

Relations between the United States and Pakistan have degraded steadily over the course of this past year, as the fractious and at times antagonistic allies have butted heads in a number of diplomatic incidents, ranging…