The Baby Boomers of Iran

There are few generations in American history more romanticized than our famous “Baby Boomers”.  The flush of postwar security, prosperity, and optimism provided the perfect backdrop for the creation of one of the largest population bulges in our history. This sharp increase in fertility led to an unprecedentedly large working-age labor force, and this was a leading cause of the United States’ continued rise and economic development; it’s safe to say that many modern American innovations would not have been possible without our “boomers” and the environment that created them.…

Enhancing Friendship

This past November, the Chinese Communist Party held its 18th National Congress, marking the once-in-a-decade transfer of power to a new generation of leaders. In the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs, Shanghai-based political scientist, Eric X. Li, describes how contrary to popular belief, the turnover was “a smooth and well-orchestrated demonstration by a confidently rising superpower.”