Promises Kept: President Trump’s First Year Review

January marked one year since Donald Trump swore the oath of office and became the 45th President of the United States following an unforeseen victory on November 8, 2016. Throughout his first year occupying the White House, President Trump has made great strides in altering the trajectory of the nation from eight years of his predecessor. Despite the unrelenting attacks by the media, he has put the interests of America first, as he promised to do on the campaign trail. Early on, it became clear that those promises made were going to be promises kept.


One of the most momentous accomplishments of his first year was Congress’s approval of the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a major legislative victory for the President and GOP alike. Overall, this sweeping legislation provides $5.5 billion in tax cuts, helping to fuel the already rapidly growing economy. As a result, many companies including Apple and Starbucks have announced employee bonuses, citing the tax cut bill as the reason for such good fortune. It would be remiss to not attribute an iota of the Trump economy’s boom to the historic amount of regulations his administration did away with, part and parcel of his pro-growth agenda. The U.S. real GDP grew by over 3 percent in two of the three quarters of his first year, a yearly growth rate that had not occurred during the sluggish Obama administration. All the while, the Dow closed at record highs sixty times during his first year. The unemployment rate hit a 17-year low as the jobs market is thriving, which can be credited to axing the aforementioned regulations, resulting in such a strong economic performance. Such economic improvements should be hailed by all Americans, Trump supporters and detractors alike.


And though the effort to fully repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was not successful in Congress, many aspects of Obama’s imploding act have been uprooted, including the looming individual mandate, which was repealed with the tax bill. In addition, Trump’s base is patiently awaiting the construction of the border wall. As chants of “Build the Wall” still resonate through crowds during his occasional campaign-style rallies, illegal border crossings are at a remarkable 45 year low even prior to the initial construction of the tangible barrier. Further, though rarely reported in the news, Mr. Trump has accelerated the war on radical Islamic terror. ISIS has faced substantial setbacks, as the caliphate has lost 98 percent of the territory it once held. Similarly, despite facing legal setbacks in the circuit court, the Supreme Court unanimously approved of instating the temporary memorandum of immigration from eight nations to the United States in order to properly amend the immigration vetting system.


The President also confronted his criticisms of various trade deals by pulling out of the TPP, a source of consternation for populists on both sides of the aisle. The President is currently renegotiating NAFTA, and in June the President withdrew the United States from the controversial Paris Climate Agreement, stating that he had been “elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” This coincides with his energy policies, namely approving the Keystone XL pipeline and signing executive orders targeted on releasing restrictions on the production of coal, oil, and natural gas, all in the effort to increase America’s energy independence and effectively ending the war on coal, while promoting job growth across the nation.


Arguably his greatest achievement, extolled by all conservatives, was his prompt appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, despite the lack of Democratic support.Gorsuch, highly qualified for the position, is only 50 years old and can potentially be a conservative voice on the court for many decades to come. In the event that another position on the high court opens up during his presidency, voters can be assured that Trump will pick a Scalia-esque individual as heir to the seat once again. Likewise, the President has invigorated the Christian community. He encourages Americans to unabashedly say Merry Christmas again and demonstrated his loyalty to pro-life efforts by attending the March for Life. Similarly, Trump has reinforced the strength of the American-Israeli alliance, as he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital Israel, ordering the US embassy to be moved there, an action that remained a velleity of his predecessors who promised to do the same.


In addition to the statistical indications of his freshman year successes, his patriotic crusade is burgeoning throughout the nation. Be it standing for the national anthem, voicing his respect for our veterans, or praising our national identity, President Trump has injected a sense of pride and patriotism that I believe this country was in dire need of. As the message has been ab initio, “We all bleed the same red blood of patriots.”


A fellow Ram, President Trump deserves credit for his dedication to his new job. While there lies a formidable amount of work ahead in order for President Trump to fulfill all of his campaign promises, if the first year serves as a microcosm for the remainder of his presidency, Americans should be prepared for more winning in the future, as he continues his quest to Make America Great Again.

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Olivia Ingrassia is on the pre-law track and is a prospective International Political Economy major. Olivia hopes to complete a minor in music and journalism. Olivia is from Long Island, New York and is interested in issues including presidential politics and American conservativism.

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