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The Fourth Estate Under Siege

It is no great secret that the Trump administration has focused significant attention on attacking the news media. Repeatedly and publicly, Trump and his surrogates have critiqued news outlets, kept respected sources out of the…

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A Unique Election Season in the Age of Social Media

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about the 2016 election. After all, it’s all around us, permeating our conversations, splashed on the front page of every newspaper, and receiving constant television coverage. For months we’ve…

Don’t be fooled. Trump loves the media

As the Trump campaign continues to face roadblocks that would normally encumber a presidential nominee’s road to the White House, the business-mogul-turned-politician has accused the media of conspiring against him to deny him the seat…


Wanted: A (Modern) Man

By Joseph Moresky. Acting like a boy has become a new norm for grown men, and that needs to change.