The Plight of College Students

It’s college application season. That means millions of high school seniors around the country are scrambling to finalize applications and essays. However, at the same time, they are asking themselves, “how will I pay for this?” Education is the great equalizer in our country. We pride ourselves on being a meritocracy – on the idea that anyone, including those who grow up in the poorest neighborhoods, can pull themselves out of poverty through education. People with a college degree earn 98 percent more per hour than those with a high…

Bang for Your Buck: How Much Should College Really Cost?

A couple days ago, while surfing the Internet and sitting in my living room and complaining to my roommates about how expensive college is and all the debt we’re going to graduate with (a joyous conversation, I know), I found a rather soothing article that fit our conversation perfectly. A few days ago, Lower Saxony became the last of the seven German states to abolish tuition fees entirely for college students. I nearly choked on my coffee.