Modern Serfdom, An American Crisis: Part I

I waited to write this article for a couple of weeks to see if any of the armchair activists on Instagram would share any stories or pictures of the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I saw nothing. Strange, I thought, how these same people that used photos of the infamous “kids in cages” from the Obama administration to call out the cruelty of the Trump administration are so silent now. Given my lifelong interest in politics and world events, I’ve become a little jaded, so it really takes a lot to get my blood boiling. However, the recent crisis (not a “challenge,” as the DHS is characterizing it in an attempt to save face) and the lack of serious discussion about it has seriously angered me. 

The migrant holding facility in Donna, Texas is, at the time of writing, at 1,700% capacity. Horrific photos taken by Project Veritas showed thousands of women and children, human beings, wrapped up in space blankets and packed like sardines into “pods.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared multiple videos on his Twitter from inside the facility, where thousands of people were crammed into pens like zoo animals. Of course, this is all during a pandemic where the spread of the virus is highly likely in such compact areas, and now a potential lice outbreak has occurred as well. The corporate media have desperately tried to cover up the crisis and mistreatment by using the term “temporary housing facility for migrants” instead of “cages.” They also highlight the cruelty of the Trump administration by showing that the “kids in cages” had only blankets and a concrete floor. Sound familiar? 

The difference is that this is a thousand times worse, and it is entirely the fault of Joe Biden and the Democrats, as they have repeatedly incentivized illegal immigration by promising those who have illegally crossed a path to citizenship. This is also a massive insult to the over one million legal immigrants who work hard and spend ludicrous amounts of time and money going through the proper legal channels to live in this country. If you don’t believe me, take the word of a South American migrant who illegally crossed the US-Mexican border and was interviewed by ABC News. When asked if he would have done this under the previous presidency, he said “Definitely not,” and then when asked if he came because Biden was president, he said, “Basically.” 

Is this policy by the current administration the right thing to do? Surely since these migrants’ situations are so bad, it is compassionate to let them in, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. While many Latin American countries are marred by violence and instability, citizens simply fleeing them is not helpful to their home countries. The brain drain of the best and brightest in these societies leaves no one to lead them. Another common group who illegally immigrates is working-age men, and this not only destroys the family structure back home but also removes a large segment of working-age people, causing the local economy to stagnate. When working-class people leave, this allows the local governments to breathe a sigh of relief. They needn’t worry about the main threat to their power being around anymore, that is to say, the masses who could start a revolution and overthrow these corrupt governments. Countries like Mexico, rich in oil, silver and gold, deserve to be great too, but, so long as this illegal migration goes on, Mexico will be robbed of its doctors and lawyers, its corrupt government and cartels will be allowed to survive without fear of political change, and no one will invest in the country. This will perpetuate the cycle wherein Mexico and other nations like it are left violent and poor while privileged Americans assume this is just destined to be. This perceived destiny isn’t the case, however, and it needs to be understood that the current Democratic party platform on illegal immigration isn’t compassionate, it isn’t kind, and it certainly isn’t helpful to anyone. 

Next time, I will explore further why the current administration and is cruel and wrong, as I tackle human trafficking and the modern American serfdom perpetuated by the current administration and countless others before it. Be sure to check in for the next column!