The Rittenhouse Trial: How the Media’s Myths Made a Minor a Monster

Remember how my last article was about the pervasive push of propaganda by the legacy media? Well son of a gun, they’ve done it again! Ever the hotbed of excitement and the place to be right now, Wisconsin has seen quite a lot go down recently. Yes, our beloved Badger State has been laid siege to by wall-to-wall media propaganda surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Strap in folks, this is gonna be a rollercoaster of lies and misinformation brought to you by the evil mouthpiece of authoritarianism, the lovingly titled “lamestream” media. 

Kyle Rittenhouse has become a lightning rod for all the moronic and infantile mud-slinging contests that masquerade as “politics” these days. Honestly, watching this entire scenario play out has made me even more cynical and weary about the state of this country than I was before, and my faith in this society was already astronomically low. Unlike apparently every liberal partisan who shared their profoundly low IQ takes on the trial, I actually watched the entire thing. It’s not often that a court case is so cut and dry, but this one really was. Having good footage of the entire event basically made the case before the trial began. 

I’m going to debunk all the propaganda being pushed by the legacy media regarding Kyle Rittenhouse and the incident in Kenosha:

  1. Rittenhouse Had No Right to Be There: It’s funny how the same people who claim that borders are arbitrary and imaginary lines on a map are quick to yell “He crossed state lines!” when referring to Rittenhouse going from Antioch, Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin, less than 30 minutes away. Just because I don’t live in Las Vegas doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to be there. In the United States, I can go anywhere I please within the country, from sea to shining sea. Also, Rittenhouse’s father lives in Kenosha and Rittenhouse himself worked there as a lifeguard. He is a member of the community who was trying to stop the riots, arson, burglary and other acts of crime and violence from destroying his home.
  2. He Illegally Owned a Gun and/or Brought a Gun Across State Lines: Both are false; it is legal in Wisconsin state law for someone under 18 to carry a long rifle, and the gun was owned by his friend and Wisconsin resident, Dominick Black. And yes, it is perfectly legal to handle a rifle that one does not own so long as the user is of the legal age to own one.
  3. Kyle Rittenhouse Killed Three Black Men/Is a White Supremacist: All three men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were White, and, funnily enough, of the thousands of people rioting that night, these three random “protestors” were all criminals with extensive rap sheets, including domestic abuse, illegal firearm possession, and child rape among many, many others. But don’t worry, these propagandists and their idiotic Hollywood lackeys will rush to the defense of these cretins and give them cutesy nicknames. Interestingly enough, the only person involved in this whole incident without a long and extensive criminal record (including jump kick man) was Kyle Rittenhouse. Also, Rittenhouse himself is not a white supremecist. There is zero evidence to support this. In fact, he has openly professed his support for the Black Lives Matter Movement and for 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang
  4. He Went to Kenosha to Kill: No, Rittenhouse went there for the expressed purpose of defending property from violent rioters, cleaning graffiti off of walls, and providing medical aid to anyone who needed it. He also gave away his bulletproof vest to someone else. Really sounds like someone intent on getting into gun fights, huh? He only brought the AR-15 with him for the expressed purpose of defending himself, and he acted solely in self-defense. He did not fire his weapon until he absolutely had to. He ran away, he made warnings, and even the prosecution’s star witness, known grandma-abuser Gaige Grosskreutz, admitted that Rittenhouse did not shoot until Grosskreutz himself pointed his illegally-possessed firearm at him. Oops. After he was forced to shoot the violent rioters who threatened, then tried to kill him, he immediately turned himself into the police. 
  5. He Provoked the Shooting: Yes, because the 36 year-old, White pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum, who said to Kyle, “Shoot me, n*gga,” and, “If I catch any of you fuckers alone, I’ll fucking kill you” who chased him down when he indeed saw him again totally wasn’t provoking anything. Rosenbaum was the instigator of the entire situation. Not to mention Rittenhouse was running away when Anthony Huber attacked him with his skateboard and tried to grab Rittenhouse’s rifle by the barrel (not a great plan). While Rittenhouse was still down, Grosskreutz pulled his Glock handgun on the young man before Rittenhouse was forced to turn the serial burglar’s bicep into Swiss cheese. 
  6. If He Was Black, He’d Be Dead/Found Guilty: This is a whataboutism and is not an argument. There is zero evidence for this, and even evidence against it. I mean, this whole argument is only being pushed by the media to further divide people along racial lines. If you actually believe this, then you’re steeped too deep in propaganda and are beyond help. 
  7. The Judge Was Biased: Judge Bruce Schroeder is a well respected judge with a long history. He was attacked for making rulings in favor of the defense, because apparently he’s only allowed to make rulings in favor of the prosecution..? He was also accused of being biased since his ringtone is “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood, and that was used by Trump at his rallies. Because apparently Trump owns the song written in 1984 and anyone who likes patriotic music is against the left? Way to show your hand guys. Plus everyone knows the real Trump anthem is “YMCA” by the Village People. Finally, some claimed the judge was biased as he yelled at the prosecuting attorney Thomas Binger… for violating court rules about bringing up previously agreed upon inadmissible evidence and violating Rittenhouse’s constitutional rights by suggesting his right to remain silent was evidence of guilt. So biased!

Some other things of note in this trial were Binger’s waving around of a rifle towards the jury and spectators with his finger on the trigger (showing he clearly has no idea of trigger discipline or basic firearm safety), and Binger making the absolutely Boomer-esque claim that playing Call of Duty made Rittenhouse into a bloodthirsty killer. Honestly, it’s a miracle Binger hasn’t been disbarred for his mind-numbingly stupid and childish behavior during the trial. More frightening, however, was the attempt at intimidating the jury so that they would convict Rittenhouse. To no one’s surprise, it was an agent of the mainstream media, the propagandist enemy of the people, who tried to do this. MSNBC’s Irene Byon instructed an associate to follow the juror bus to get photographs of the jurors, which would no doubt intimidate them and hopefully get them to reach the “right” verdict that MSNBC wanted: guilty. The journalist was caught after they ran a red light to catch up with the bus. This is truly terrifying, as the media is not only pushing propaganda, but they are also actively trying to interfere with a court case to get the result they want. 

This case was cut and dry. There’s footage of the whole incident, including some FBI drone footage (which is incredibly alarming that the FBI is constantly spying on everyone with drones, but no one seems to care about that). This was so obviously self-defense that anyone who has seen the footage/knows all the facts and still denies this is either a propagandist, lying, or stupid. It’s really that simple. Anyone moronic enough to continue to libel and slander Rittenhouse as a murderer or white supremacist, including the President of the United States Joe Biden, is begging for a lawsuit. Anyone who mocks Rittenhouse for breaking down into tears during his time on the stand in court, such as noted bully, serial crybaby and most overrated prima-donna in basketball Lebron James, is knowingly insulting a young man who is clearly suffering from PTSD after having to kill two people. Taking another person’s life is hard, even if done in self-defense or for a justifiable cause. Hardened soldiers suffer from PTSD and often are haunted by having to kill, despite being trained to do it. So why is it acceptable to insult a 17 year-old who had to do so in order to save his own life? It’s honestly heart-wrenching stuff to watch what happened, and it’s quite frankly disgusting to me that these heartless people can say such things. 

Anyone who called Kyle Rittenhouse a killer or a white supremacist owes him an apology. While some on the right claim he’s a hero, that too is a bit extreme (although I’m more inclined to agree with this spinning of the tale, seeing as he not only took a pedophile off the streets, but also minted two new good communists). He wanted to help his community any way he could, and he was chased and attacked by violent criminals. He acted in self-defense, and he will forever be haunted by having to take the life of another human being. He should be left alone to live his life as the innocent man that he is and has been deemed by a jury of his peers. We can also rest easy knowing that our right to self-defense has been upheld in the courts.